Friday, June 17, 2016

Beautiful Antique Javanese Wayang Golek Rod Puppet, Marionette, Batik, – Antique Alchemy

Rod Puppets are portrayed in varies forms, from Refined to Crude Characters, this beauty here would be referred to as a refined character. this three-dimensional puppet form is Wayang Golek.
Wayang Golek is a traditional Indonesian puppet play carried out with rod puppets. 
Most popular in Sunda (Western Java) and Central Java.
It has an intricately carved and painted wooden head. The painted features represent different characters of the culture; hinged wooden arms, rods extend from head down through the body.
Beautiful original tailored Batik clothing. This beauty is mounted and ready for display.
An absolute exquisite piece to start a collection or to add to an existing collection.
Early to Mid 20th Century, From the Regions of Ketitang Indonesia.
This piece has normal wear from age, Tiny chip on edge of nose. Stands 21'' Total. Has original tag still attached.